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Cancer Clinic Management
and Survivorship Portal

For cancer care institutions that have unsustainable patient and survivorship populations, MindMerge combines intuitive patient workflow management with integrated patient access to help streamline internal operations and transition patients back to the community

Cognitive Integration and Analytics

For healthcare institutions looking to setup a low-cost analytics team or bypass a large integration backlog, Care Insights uses machine learning to automate integration and analytics to help save time, save money, and simplify clinical analytics all without ever calling your local IT technician

Benefits-driven Digital Health Implementations

Verto takes the old, sluggish, expensive implementation approach and flips it around to put the clinicians and users back in the driving seat. We do this by using our agile, benefits-driven procurement and implementation approaches that help your organization select, implement and operationalize new technologies all while minimizing disruption and maximizing benefits for your users and bottom-line

Our Principles


We are prepared to tackle the most complex problems you can throw at us
The bigger and badder the problem, the more we are motivated to create a meaningful solution


We are driven to make solutions that change the way societies work
Our solutions disrupt conventional technologies by leveraging user interactions to drive intelligent integrations and automations


We make interoperable, intuitive, accessible solutions that clients want to use
We strive to create technologies that are fun to use and integrate seamlessly, so your users barely notice they are using tech while they do their work


The job is done when our clients can sustainably reap the benefits of our technologies
We don’t gauge our projects by milestones, we measure them by the number of expected benefits our clients could realize with our help

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